About us

Our company wants to honor the woman who has managed to transmit the true values of life: respect, cordiality and, last but not least, quality to the third generation.

Mrs. Pierina was an honest and hardworking woman who loved her neighbor. Today we produce quality products with the values of once upon a time.

Donna Pierina, a young company born in the family-run tradition of the Riscignolo oil mill, which since 1976 has been involved in the transformation of olives into oil with fine organoleptic qualities, with a scent and color that highlight the splendid Sicilian lands.

Thanks also to the microclimate and the morphology of the land, it takes on a volcanic strength, overlooked by the land cultivated with olive groves that influence the product, making it truly one of a kind.

The quality depends both on the hand-picking and on the pressing of the olives which takes place on the same day.

The oil obtained is transferred to stainless steel silos filled with nitrogen; the latter prevents oxidation of the oil, guaranteeing all its organoleptic properties.

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